Elias Lobanov

A haunted knight from an ancient family


A haunted knight from an ancient family


Elias Lobanov
Male, Human Paladin, Level 3 Age: 28
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 205lb.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Skin: White
Lawful Good
Deity: Pelor
Background: Haunted

STR: 16 ( +0 )
DEX: 10 ( +3 )
CON: 12 ( +0 )
INT: 10 ( +2 )
WIS: 10 ( +2 )
CHA: 15 ( +0 )

HP: 18
HD: 3 D10
AC: 16
Initiative: + 0
Passive Perception: 12
Speed: 30 ft
Proficiency Bonus: + 2
Melee: Great Sword – Att: + 5, Dam: 2D6 Qual: Slashing, two handed
Ranged: Heavy Crossbow– Rng: 80 ft./320 ft., Att: + 2, Dam: 1d10 piercing, Qual: Piercing, Ammunition, Two-Handed

Armor: Light or Heavy Armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons

Feats-Great Weapon Master
Feature-Heart of Darkness
Divine Sense
Lay on Hands – 15
Fighting Style-Great Weapon Fighting-re-roll a 1 on a damage die.
Divine Smite-after you hit a creature spend a spell slot to do 2d8 dmg +1 per level of spell slot expended in this way.

Skills: Acrobatics – Total: +0 (DEX) Animal Handling – Total: +0 (WIS) Arcana – Total: +0 (INT) Athletics – Total: +5 (STR), Proficient Deception – Total: +2 (CHA) History – Total: +0 (INT) Insight – Total: +0 (WIS) Intimidation – Total: +4 (CHA), Proficient Investigation – Total: +2 (INT), Proficient Medicine – Total: +0 (WIS) Nature – Total: +0 (INT) Perception – Total: +2 (WIS), Proficient Performance – Total: +2 (CHA) Persuasion – Total: +2 (CHA) Religion – Total: +0 (INT) Sleight of Hand – Total: +0 (DEX) Stealth – Total: +0 (DEX Survival – Total: +2 (WIS), Proficient

Spell Casting

Spell Level 1 Slots-2

Known Level 1 Spells

Cure Wounds
Shield of Faith
Searing Smite


Elias Lobanov was born into a an ancient minor noble family. For as long as anyone can remember the Lobanov’s have looked over a small county and protected its lands. The Lobanov’s however have been cursed by the deeds of an ancient ancestor and something dark hangs over this once proud family.

When Elias was a young man, he began to hear a voice that no one else seemed to hear, and feel a presense near him that no one else could see. The young man thought he was losing his mind, but his father knew what was happening to him, for the spirit had haunted him before. He told Elias that the spirit was of one of their old ancestors who had turned to dark magics and was corrupted by evil and cursed to haunt the family for eternity. Shortly after, his father died.

Later that same year, the spirit grew restless and began to torment Elias more frequently and one night during a terrible storm, Elias’ teenage sister let out a scream in the knight that echoed through the small family castle. Elias and his mother rushed to see what had happened but his sister was gone! Her window had been left open and the wind blew into the small room.

Elias swore to his mother that he would find her and so left his families ancient home to look for his sister and possibly end the curse that hangs over his family. Elias is also driven to help people and redeem his family in the eyes of Gods and Men.

Elias Lobanov

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